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Tor and Hanna

I am Hanna


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Hanna Vennberg Tolander

I got my first own card from my dad when I was six, and it wasn't long before I started telling fortunes. I still have that deck of cards but it is so worn out that only I can see which card is which.


For me, magic and divination have always been a natural part of life, much like music or books. It has always been obvious to me that the world is populated by ghosts, spirit beings, and angels, and I find it hard to imagine what the world looks like to those who do not see them or feel their presence.

To be honest, I think the world would be in better shape if more people dared to cultivate their spiritual sides instead of chasing material status and "success".


Twelve years after my first deck I got my first tarot deck and at about the same time I started studying astrology seriously. After high school I studied psychology for a few semesters, before Tor and I moved in together and I took on a sting of different temp-jobs. It was helpful to get life experience from different areas. Among other things, I have worked in daycare, as a janitor and a substitute teacher. I have also written books, mostly children’s books and been a columnist in Scandinavians largest newspaper.


In the end, the horoscope and the divinities took so much time that we could not even have a "day job", especially not because we also had toddlers at that time. Since then, this is pretty much what I've been focusing on, and that's also what I want to do.


My hope now is that quite a few of you will become gold members, so that we can develop the website and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to help as many people as possible and share all of our knowledge without having to worry about how we will pay the bills.

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