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You can ask us anyhing - your needs are our only focus

As a PREMIUM-medlem you can ALWAYS read ALL the answers as well as haveing access to exclusive services and pages. For instance you can get you answers by email, book a telefonconsultation and live chat with Tor and Hanna. All addes services are included in the membership without extra costs.

Get your fortune told by Tor and Hanna:

You can ask us anything you want and we use tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, pendulums, Lenormand cards, Feng Shui, I Ching, Runes or any of the many, many other magical tools we have at our disposal to answer it as thorough as possible.


Things you need to know:

We answer as many questions we can and always within 48 hours of receiving them. Since we get a lot of questions we draw the ones we answer at random.


So if you haven´t received an answer within 2 days, feel free to submit your question again as many times as you want and you can ask as many questions you want.


We anonymize all questions before we publish them in order for you feel comfortable shareing personal concerns and birthdates so we can give you as a specific answer as possible. Therefore it might be prudent to use a signature to make it easier for you to recognize your question and find your answer.

It is always free to ask questions. You can read about why we never charge for telling fortunes in the article below.


All answers will be posted on the FRÅGOR OCH SVAR page and the three most recent answers can also be found on the main page (except really sensitive questions that will be posted exclusively on the answer page).


As a gold member you have access to all answers while our other visitors are confined to read the ones on the main page.


Things we need to know:

If we are to use astrology, we must know your birthdate: Year, month and day is usually enough but the answer will be more detailed and precise if we know the time of day and the birthplace to.

If you do not want to send birth data we will still help you by use of Tarot cards and other methods.

Do you have trubble getting the form to work?

Mail us directly at:

You dont have to ask in English.

Since we read and understand a lot of languages you do not have to ask your question in English. As long as your language uses the Latin alphabeth we probably understand it well enough to be able to answer your question.

If your country or a your language is the same as one used in a country in the flagmap you can ask your question in your language.


However the answer will be in English because it is one thing to be able to read and understand a language and quite another to give a precise answer in it.


Why our divinations always are free:


Predicting someones future requires enormous concentration and is often time-consuming. Some questions are also much, much more difficult to answer than others. If we charged for fortune telling it would immediately be very tempting to answer only the simplest questions, and never the difficult ones.

Honesty is the foundation on which our work rests, we do not want to end up in a situation where we hesitate to say something that we suspect is uncomfortable or unwelcome. Neither do we want to be tempted to choose clients based on wallet size. Not chargeing for our services makes it easier to be straight forward, honest and true.

That's why we have an open question box where everyone has the same chance of getting answers. We answer as many questions we can and we answer all the questions we draw. That way it will never be a question of difficulty, money or severity when we decide which questions we answer.


Now, of course, the site isn´t completely free. If you want to access the entire site, you must be a gold member. This is partly to finance the page, and partly to protect you who use the page from trolls and their likes and create an environment where everyone can feel safe and welcomed.

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