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Tor and Hanna

We are Tor and Hanna

Who are we?

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Welcome to our site.


We have worked together for over twenty years and been married for almost thirty years. Over the years, our horoscopes and articles have been and are published in many different magazines and newspapers in Scandinavia. 


We also use tarot cards and other divination tools. It is as with all other tools, we choose the one that is best for answering your question or solving your problem.

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Who is Hanna
Who is Tor

Why is so much free on our site?

Being able to predict the future is a very special ability that we did not get to make money from. In addition, money creates a dependency between client and fortuneteller that risks affecting the answers.


Astrology is another matter. Everyone can learn astrology but not everyone have the gift of divination. That is why you can buy our horoscopes but not ever, our fortunes.


That is why we never charge anyone for divinations on our site. We use the tools we think work best to answer your question unless you ask specifically that we use a special method (for example: What do the cards say about my summer?).


You can ask how many questions you want, how often you want and about whatever you want. There are no limits, however, there are rules. Those concerning what we do NOT answer and why you find at the bottom of this page. Besides that there are some practical rules.

The first rule is that we always answer as many questions we possibly can, unfortunately that might not be all questions we get. In order for everyone to have the same chances of getting an answer and to ensure that we do not keep any personal information unnesesarily, we erase all incoming questions after 48 hours. This means that if you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, you are welcome to ask your question again.


The second is that you never receive a message that we have answered your question. You have to check for yourself whether we answered or not.


The third is that only the three latest answered questions are available on the main page. Then they get transferred to the “FRÅGOR OCH SVAR” page to which only gold members have access. We do so for two reasons:

Reflection and discussion: Being able to read your answers several times can be rewarding and sometimes you want to ask follow-up questions. In addition, you often benefit from sharing the experiences of others. Even though the answers are specific to an individual there is often life lessons to be learned in their questions and the advices given to them. This is a service we offer our gold members.


All fortunes are always free! We treat all questions equally and all answers are publicly available a short time. As a gold member you have all the time in the world to read the answers but if you are not you should check the answers quite often so you don´t miss yours.

Things you might want to know

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How do we tell fortunes

We use many different methods because we know it is the best way to get a good answer to your question.

Sometimes tarot cards are enough, other times astrology works better. We also use other divination cards, I Ching, runes and pendulums.


Astrology is about possibilities and probabilities and is not really a divinition tool but still a very powerful predicition instrument.

The tarot cards, on the other hand, can be used to predict the future without having any information.


Therefore, the tarot is very helpful when we are in situations where we do not have a birthtime but still have to make predict the future.

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Ethics and guidelines

There are some simple rules that we always follow. We only tell the fortune of the person that asks.


So you can't ask directly about someone else's future, For example, you can't ask if your child will get that promotion. You can, however, ask if you will have to worry about your child's career. But then the answer will be about your concerns, not your child's job.


That makes it ok to ask if you are a fit with someone or not, or how a joint trip will be since that is about your future even if it involves others.


We always say everything we se in the cards. Our experience is that, above all, the tarot cards know what they are doing and simply do not convey anything that would be harmful to you to know.


Only in exceptional cases do we answer questions related to when or how a person will die. For the vast majority of cases, this is information that just hurts and doesn't do any good.


We anonymize the questions and publish them under signature. If it is something that is extra sensitive (for example, if you are afraid that someone you write about will recognize you) then you are welcome to write that in your question so we know.

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What is predestinated

Very few things are carved in stone. When you get your fortune told it talks about your future looks like if you continue on the path you are already on. It is thus entirely possible to change the future.


For example, if the tarot says that you will be unhappy with your job in five years, then that is what will happen if you do nothing about it during those five years. If you, for instance, take an education new doors open to a completely different future than the prediction described.


You could say that divination is a sneak peek of the future, a sneak peek that makes it easier to avoid future problems and mistakes.


Horoscopes are a little different. They can point out which qualities you could make more of, and tell you when success will come easy and when greater effort is required.

A good horoscope is like a weather forecast, it pays to know in advance when something might go wrong. It is simply better if you are prepared.

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