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Tor and Hanna

Welcome to Tor and Hanna

Welcome to Tor and Hanna in English. These pages are all written in English but will service all our international readers. Here you will find a parts of our Swedish page translated. Initially it will be much smaller but with time it will grow and there will be extra material for gold-members too, some of it may in fact only be available in English.

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Ask your questions in your own language. Everyone is welcome to ask us questions int therir own language and we answer in English (or Swedish if you ask in a Scandinavian language).

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Who are Tor and Hanna

Information about us and how the site and it´s services work. 

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Who is Tor

Who is Tor and what are his strenghts?

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Who is Hanna

Who is Hanna and what can she do for you?

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