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Tor and Hanna

Jag är Tor

Since I got my first tarot on a trip to England in 1984, I have had an active interest in what lies just outside the realms of reality.


It didn't stop me from being very down-to-earth and having a strong belief in science, math and the world as it looks, looked and probably will look in the future.


But the one does not have to exclude the other. At the same time as I majored in science and began a career as an army officer, I studied fortunetelling, meditation and the world that begins in the shadows where our ordinary world ends.


So when I got the opportunity in 1995 to combine science and magic full-time and become the magazine AMELIA's astrologer, I took the leap and since then I have had the privilege of helping others full-time in various newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online and live.

My main strengths are in the areas that border on the scientific and lean on math, physics and psychology such as Astrology, Kiromanti, Feng Shui, I Ching and dream interpretation. On the more magical side, I read tarot cards, do aural readings and use pendulums. Apart from that I am also good at finding what has been lost and is forgotten or hidden.

My "coworkers"


Morigana is my Hanson-Roberts tarot and it has been with me for a long time. Perfect for all nuanced predictions because of her clarity at the same time as she gives a full spectrum of details you expect in a 78 card Tarot


Craft is my lenormand deck.

Perfect for quick and clear predictions but lacks a bit of Morigana's finesse. I often carry Craft with me when I travle because the Lenormand is so accessible with his 36 cards.

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Tor Tolander
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