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Does he love me?

Uppdaterat: 28 aug. 2019

Does D----. love me and will marry me?

Yes he does love you but it is easy to see why you ask about it because he has a way to get tangled up in things, work, friends that consumes time and energi he in acuallity would like to spend with you.

This is the greatest challenge the two of you face in regard to your relationship and it is the make or break obstacle when it comes to marriage.

In order to get what you want you have to take a risk, show leadership and break with tradition. He needs to be put to the test or, in this case, the choise of what is truely importent in his life.

When you feel the time is right for him to propose - propose to him!

Show him how important your relationship is to you. Eighter he will see the romantic and heartfelt value of the situation and he will be yours forever or he´ll just shrug it of in which case he would never be the one you needed anyway.

My cards are very clear on this - take matters into your own hands. The only thing that would give you an equally good outcome is if he beats you to it and proposes first. If that happens fine, If it doesn´t - better know if you are meant to be than wait just to find out you weren´t


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