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Does important success await?

Dear Tor & Hanna, since 2 years i'm working in a project which could bring me an important success, and could change not only my life, if no the life of many people too. The problem is that i don't have any proof or document that ensures me success in this business, I know makes me sound stupid, but i have the informations and facts knowledge to believe on it. Should keep my faith on it or is just a waste of time? it's closer the resolution of this business? What can I expect of this business? Thanks so much for any information you can give me about this. Kind regards.


You will reach your goal but there is a road for you to travle to get there

Answer: To be dedicated and focused om the content of your project instead of the formalities of it does not make you sound stupid – it makes you sound dedicated.

However going forward it is going to be crucial to formalise your work and get your papers in order.

You should keep the faith in what you do and move forward the next steps will be strenuous because they will involve contacts with authorities that will take time and efforts. Because of that the coming 6 months will require conviction and also help. The way to success goes through a series of quick contacts with knowledgeable people (many of whom you already know) to give you aid in specific questions.

As I said the next 6 month will be tuff but it is worth the work. However consider if the timing is right – the work will be the same if you sit back for a while but the rewards might come sooner.

As it stands now there is praise and notability in a rather close future for you but economic success is further down the line for the moment.

If you have to succeed financially quicker from when you put in more of your time in this a launch into the next faze could benefit from postponing at least till spring.

The result will be equal but financial security will be quicker.

As for now – formalize, formalize, formalize. The troubles ahead almost all have to do with authorities and institutions and clear papers will win time and ensure success.

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