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A life together will start in Spain

Dear Tor & Hanna, I'm writing you from, Spain. I know about you thanks to a close friend. My question is, will I be with the Swedish woman i love in the future?


Spain is not just beautiful - it is also where love turnes into a life together.

Svar: Dear writer, I am glad to assist you any way I can.and luckily it looks like you have a relationship together in the future.

There are a few obstacles in your path the first one being the problems of travel we have right now. You do not have to be in the same place to develop your love but the possibility to be able to see each other with short notice is a promise that helps you grow together. Zoom and Facetime is a good bandaid and it is important that you have a connection – even if it is not a romantic one - until you can meet. Feelings does not grow for someone you don't have reasons to think about.

Next: The best place to meet would be in Sweden to reconnect and turn a dream into a possibility but your best chances as a couple is in Spain where family och love would thrive. I Sweden your chances to find a mutual lifequest are slimmer and to turn love into a life together you will need a chaired goal.

If she comes to Spain a tourist she will stay a tourist but if she finds a job in Spain she will be yours forever

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